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The university has partnered with Campus Televideo, powered by DirecTV, to provide expanded digital cable service for the campus. This new service expands channel offerings and provides more than fifty high-definition channels.

The new digital service requires faculty and staff who have analog (nondigital) televisions in their offices or classrooms to get digital-to-analog converter boxes. To obtain a converter box, send an e-mail to and provide the room number where the converter box will be installed and the account number responsible for the cable TV service. The converter box will be provided to the department at no charge.

The expanded channel lineup in the new service includes many high-definition and premium channels. While not all previous channels are on the new service, the majority of those channels are still available. To view the new campus cable lineup, click here.

Visit the OIT website for a list of frequently asked questions, including instructions on how to program your televisions, how to ensure that you are receiving all the new channels, and tips for resolving problems with your cable TV service. For more information, contact the OIT HelpDesk at 974-9900.