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Monica Black and Betty Allen judging entries during last year's National History Day at UTHundreds of middle and high school students from across East Tennessee gather on the UT campus today to celebrate National History Day.

Co-sponsored by UT’s Department of History and the East Tennessee Historical Society, local History Day activities are based in the Carolyn P. Brown Memorial University Center, although the high school students also have been invited to tour campus and visit the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture.

The middle and high school students will be exhibiting their history research in a variety of formats—poster boards, research papers, theatrical presentations, and documentaries. Their work will be judged by history professors, graduate students, and distinguished members of the community, and awards will be handed out in the afternoon.

“Our participation is one of our outreach efforts to support history education in Tennessee,” said Ernest Freeberg, head of the Department of History. “Winners from here go on to the state competition, and some even to the national competition. Past UT events have launched some projects that have gone on to win the top national award for history research.”


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