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UT has partnered with Campus Televideo, powered by Direct TV, to provide expanded television service for the university campus. This new service will expand current channel offerings and provide more than fifty HD channels. In addition, several HBO channels and two Cinemax channels will be added to the lineup.

The new system is a fully digital system, providing clear picture quality throughout the channel lineup. The university will begin to transition residence halls in the order below. The process began March 2. It should take less than two weeks to transition the residence halls.

1. Apartment Residence Hall

2. Morrill Hall

3. Humes Hall

4. South Carrick Hall

5. North Carrick Hall

6. Reese Hall

7. Hess Hall

8. Massey Hall

9. Clement Hall

10. Laurel Hall

11. Volunteer Hall

Click here for channel lineup information.

Click here for frequently asked questions.

For additional questions, contact University Housing at 865-974-2571.