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Four environmentally conscious UT students have one big idea: to create a more energy-efficient campus by raising awareness and inspiring individual action within students.  Matthew Brunton, Erica Davis, Hayley Edwards, and Chloe Ridings are interns for the EnergyRight Solutions for Higher Education (ERSHE) program on campus.

ERSHE, in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Willdan Energy, aims to save on campus energy use and increase awareness by educating students, staff, faculty, and the community about the responsible consumption of natural resources.

Sophomore intern Erica Davis believes it’s important that students are aware of the impact their individual actions have on the environment. “We are the generation responsible for finding the solutions to the environmental degradation we are facing today,” Davis said. “It is imperative that we each do our part to save the planet.”

The group created a short YouTube video with quick tips on how students can be more energy efficient. ERSHE says it’s a way to spread their message while also showing how easy and worthwhile reducing energy consumption can be.


ERHSE has already made a large impact during its short time on campus. Last semester the UT Athletics Department reached out to ERSHE to learn how its facilities can be more energy efficient and save on energy costs. The program conducted an audit on Thompson-Boling Arena and put together a comprehensive report, including suggestions of minor changes the department could make that would make a large impact on the environment and their wallets.

For more information about ERSHE, contact Erica Davis.