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Brrr—it’s cold out there. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the university’s inclement weather policy. Please note the ways that we will notify you in the event of a closure or delay in our normal operating schedule. This policy appears on the Campus Safety page.

The university will remain open except in the most severe weather conditions. The chancellor (or appointed representative) may officially close or suspend selected activities of the university because of extreme weather conditions.

When a decision to close is reached, campus and local radio and TV stations will be notified and the notice will be posted on the front page of Those who signed up for UT Alert will be notified by text message. Learn more about UT Alert.

If the university is officially closed, certain essential activities such as Dining Services, Facilities Services, UT Police, and Information Technology will continue to operate. Some facilities such as Hodges Library and the University Center will, if possible, continue to function as a service to students and faculty.

When the university is officially closed, its policy on Days of Administrative Closing will apply for staff exempt and staff nonexempt employees. View the schedule of administrative closings.

In the event of inclement weather when the university remains open, all faculty, administrators, and staff will be expected to make every reasonable effort to maintain their regular work schedule but are advised to avoid undue risks in traveling.

Employees who anticipate arriving late or not arriving at work at all should notify their immediate supervisor. Employees have the option of charging their time off to annual leave or leave without pay, or, with approval, they may make up their lost work hours.

In the event of a delayed opening, the chancellor (or appointed representative) will determine a specific time of opening and that information will be distributed to the campus community through the local media and via the front page of All faculty and staff are expected to report to their specific work location by the set opening time.

Students will be responsible for any academic work they miss due to absences caused by severe weather conditions. It is the individual student’s responsibility to take the initiative to make up any missed work, and it is the instructor’s responsibility to provide a reasonable opportunity for students to complete assignments or exams missed due to such absences.