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Campus Community Invited to Learn about Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative

As UT moves toward establishing a service-learning program called the Smart Communities Initiative, the campus community is invited to learn more about a similar, and very successful, program operating in Oregon. Representatives from the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative will be on campus Monday, December 9, to discuss their cross-disciplinary Sustainable City Year Program

Study: TennCare Satisfaction at its Highest

Overall enrollee satisfaction with the TennCare program is at its highest level, according to a UT report released today. Ninety-five percent of TennCare recipients surveyed expressed satisfaction with the care they received, the highest level since the program’s inception. This finding is included in “The Impact of TennCare: A Survey of Recipients 2013,” prepared by

Changing Course on WUOT-2

Multiple faculty members, staff, and students have been interviewed for WUOT 2’s┬áChanging Course program which looks at the impact of work and study done at UT has on humanity. Each week, Changing Course features discussions about the innovative projects conducted at the Big Orange and what drives the faculty, staff, and students to strive for