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UT today took steps to revoke Pi Kappa Phi’s registration following a decision by the fraternity’s national office to close the chapter. The chapter cannot recolonize at UT until August 2017.

The national office of Pi Kappa Phi notified the UT chapter on Friday, November 29, of its decision to close the chapter because “members were unable to abide by the fraternity’s standards of conduct.”

Pi Kappa Phi members have been told they can remain in the fraternity house through finals but must find alternative housing for the spring semester. University housing is available, and fraternity members can apply.

Pi Kappa Phi began the fall 2013 semester on disciplinary probation for “causing physical harm” that was alleged to have occurred in the spring of 2013 and to have placed new members “under emotional distress and physical discomfort.”

New allegations of hazing came to light this fall. UT Student Life and UT Police began investigating. Within the week, students cooperating with the investigation reported being harassed by fraternity members as a result of their involvement.

UT Student Life let the fraternity’s national office know about the new allegations of hazing, which resulted in the national office’s decision to close the chapter.

The investigation is continuing, and individual fraternity members could face criminal charges and disciplinary action.

“The university will not tolerate behavior that puts our students in danger,” said Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Susan Martin. “Swift action by UT and the fraternity’s national office underscore the message that hazing and harassing students for cooperating with authorities are both unacceptable.”