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Name: Laquesha Wilson
Age: 20
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee   
Grade level: Junior    
Major: Sociology and Africana Studies
Hobbies? Reading, singing, listening to or watching spoken word poetry, and hanging out with friends.

What groups or organizations are you involved with on campus? Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, the Black Cultural Programming Committee, and the Minority Mentoring Program.

Why did you choose UT? Initially, UT wasn’t my first choice, but after I came to visit UT on a ME4UT trip I fell in love with the university’s “BIG ORANGE COUNTRY” atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to get involved on campus, go to football games, and enjoy my first real dose of independence.

Best class you’ve taken at UT so far and why? The best class that I’ve taken so far was Africana Studies 480 taught by Dr. Inwood. The focus of this class was African American communities in urban America. I really enjoyed this class because it was a discussion based class and every time we entered the class room we gained something that we didn’t have or know before. Our debates in this class were always very passionate and awesome. The movies that were shown in class were great, the lectures were intellectually stimulating, and overall this class opened my mind up to a lot of things that I had never heard or experienced before. 

What’s your best piece of advice for other UT students? The best piece of advice that I could offer a UT student would be to take advantage of all of the resources that UT has available. There are a plethora of educational, personal, and recreational resources on campus that can give any student the extra push in class, health, student involvement, and many other areas. I would not be the person that I am today had I not taken advantage of some of the many resources. 

What’s your favorite spot in Knoxville? My favorite spot in Knoxville is Market Square because there are so many things to do. You get to choose between listening to great live music, eating at nice restaurants, and shopping – or all of those things. Every time I go to Market Square I have a good time.