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The UT creative communications web team is looking for volunteers to help improve the efficiency of the university’s website. The team conducts usability testing annually with the campus community to gain a better understanding of how some of its most important audiences use the university’s primary website,¬†Usability testing is a technique used in interaction design to evaluate a website’s capacity to meet its intended purpose. This testing gives the team direct input on how real users use the website, and helps them identify areas for improvement.

The usability testing for includes students, faculty, and staff, and will take place November 6-8 in the College of Communication and Information-ORNL User-Experience Laboratory, Room 230. The insight gained from this research will guide the improvements to one of the the campus’s most important online resources.

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Participating in the usability test is easy. All it takes is an hour on Wednesday, November 6; Thursday, November 7; or Friday, November 8, to demonstrate how you navigate the website and offer feedback on your experience. You can let the web team know your preferred time slot(s) by completing this form. The web team will contact you to confirm your scheduling.