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nadinevolName: Nadine Majaj
Age: 21
Hometown: Collierville, Tennessee
Grade level: Senior
Major: Pre-pharmacy majoring in food science and technology with a biology minor
Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, friends, dancing, and laughing!

What groups or organizations are you involved with on campus? My current involvement includes Panhellenic Council, where I serve as the philanthropy director and my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, where I serve as the social chair. In addition, I am a part of Mortar Board Senior Honor Society as well as Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. Lastly, I served this year as a welcome leader and an Ignite team leader.

Why did you choose UT? I initially chose UT because it was a college where I can get a good education and pay in-state tuition. Little did it know, good ole Rocky Top is now home sweet home to me and I love every moment spent at Big Orange Country! GO VOLS!

What is your favorite part of being a UT Vol?  One of my favorite parts about being a Tennessee Vol is how much pride my fellow Volunteers have in our school. There is so much to love about UT and it always brings me joy to hear someone scream GO VOLS!!

Best class you’ve taken at UT so far and why? Anatomy and physiology are by far my favorite. As a pre-pharmacy student, it is only in my nature to enjoy learning about the human body and how it runs as a biological system.

Favorite UT memory? As a senior, I have lived through many great memories in the past three years and it is hard to select a specific one. However, I would say that attending the Ignite Summit as a team leader was one of the best times that I have had at UT. It was amazing seeing incoming students so passionate about the University of Tennessee and excited to come in and make a difference on campus. While I was leading a couple of groups of incoming freshmen, I learned just as much from them as they did from me and those memories will stick with me forever.

What’s your best piece of advice for other UT students? Get inVOLved! There are so many different student organizations on campus that each and every student at UT can relate or find interest in at least one. College is not only about what you learn in the classroom; it is also a time to grow as an individual and establish your identity, and being involved on campus allows you to do so!

What’s your dream job? My dream is to make an impact in whatever I do because it is not the job title that matters, rather what you do with that job.