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Joe Carcello

Joseph V. Carcello, Ernst & Young and Business Alumni Professor in Accounting, will become executive director of the Corporate Governance Center in the College of Business Administration. His appointment is effective September 15.

Carcello, the center’s director of research, will replace C. Warren Neel, who has been the center’s executive director since the two co-founded it in 2003. Neel will remain connected to the center as a Corporate Governance Center fellow; he will continue to teach governance in the full-time MBA program and work with the media and the corporate community.

After ten years at the center’s helm, Neel said he’s ready to turn over the reins to his colleague. He said Carcello has a national reputation in the field and will provide strong leadership for the center.

“Joe has a wonderful future in corporate governance research and its contributions to students, the future work force, and the twenty-first century economy,” Neel said.

Carcello spearheaded the creation of the center’s Distinguished Speaker Series sponsored by PwC. About sixty high-profile speakers—including politicians, CEOs, judges, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, commissioners and chief accountants of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), and FDIC chairs and board members—have been brought in to speak with students, faculty, and the Knoxville-area business community.

“It’s been an honor to have worked with Warren in launching and strengthening UT’s Corporate Governance Center,” Carcello said. “I hope to continue building on the strong foundation we have established.”

Carcello has been an expert witness for the SEC and has been involved on two PCAOB advisory boards; he currently serves on the PCAOB Investor Advisory Group, which advises on investors’ issues, and has served on its Standing Advisory Group, which advises on auditing standards.

Carcello believes that the center has increased the impact of the college’s research, particularly in the areas of accounting and finance.

“We are proud to be a center that is cross-college and cross-campus in our affiliations, greatly involving accounting, finance, and economics in our college and the College of Law in our research,” he said.

The Corporate Governance Center focuses its research in areas that can affect public policy. Center research has been cited in SEC rulings and speeches and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board rulings.

“The Center for Corporate Governance is a prime example of a multidisciplinary partnership that benefits both academic scholarship and the business community. The collaboration between Warren and Joe is symbolic of that greater partnership, and we are fortunate that they will continue working together,” said Stephen Mangum, dean of the College of Business Administration.

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