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The University of Tennessee is turning a longtime Friday football tradition into a year-round celebration. “Big Orange Friday” encourages all members of the Volunteer family, wherever they are, to wear orange each and every Friday to celebrate and support the university.

“Wearing orange is a great way to spread the Volunteer message on and off campus, around the state, and beyond,” Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek said. “It shows support for our teams and our academic mission. Orange unites us around something we all cherish—our university.”

The university has more campus tours for prospective students and their families on Fridays than any other day. Seeing students, faculty, and staff wearing orange—or at least bringing the color into their workday attire—will help convey an enthusiastic welcome to prospective Volunteers.

Off campus, orange unites alumni and fans alike. Wearing our colors provides an opportunity to connect with one another and tell our Volunteer stories to the world.

Big Orange fans are invited to share how they’re wearing their orange by taking to social media and using the hashtag #BigOrangeFriday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.