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Did you get your UT Alert text message or e-mail message yesterday?  The bank robbery at the University Center and subsequent evacuation prompted distribution of UT Alert messages to all subscribers.

UT Alert is the campus notification system that allows the university to notify students, faculty, and staff via text message or e-mail message about an emergency.  If you have not signed up, please take a few minutes to register online.

A test of the system is planned for September 20 at 1:10 p.m. Please sign up to be part of the test.

If you have signed up for UT Alert and have not received the messages, here are some common problems people are encountering.

Carrier has Blocked the Message

One of the most common problems is tied to people’s individual mobile phone carrier.  Some mobile phone carriers may incorrectly treat the UT Alert message as a “premium message.”  There are account settings that can be adjusted to correct this problem.   Contact your carrier directly to resolve the issue.

Your E-mail Account Reads the UT Alert E-mail as Junk Mail

If you are signed up to get the UT Alert e-mail message, make sure your account recognizes it as legitimate e-mail.  If UT Alert is in your junk e-mail, right click on “junk” in the menu and then select “not junk.”  Make sure the box is clicked that says “Always trust e-mail from” and click “OK.”

Check Your Account for Accuracy

Subscribers should log in to their existing UT Alert account to double-check all of their information and make sure it is accurate. If you are still having problems, please send a note to

It’s important to note that UT Alert text and e-mail messages are different from the e-mails the university will send to everyone in a significant emergency. The university utilizes its broadcast e-mail system to provide more details to members of the campus community about serious situations, as it did yesterday in notifying the campus about the bank robbery at the University Center.

If you are subscribed to UT Alert to receive text messages and e-mails, you will receive two e-mails—one from UT Alert and the other from the university.

Members of the campus community should also monitor the UT home page, and local media during a prolonged emergency or safety threat.

For more information about UT Alert, visit For more information about safety on campus, visit