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Two new academic facilities will be open to students this week—the John D. Tickle Engineering Building and the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center.

It’s been sixty-four years since our campus last has opened two academic buildings at the same time.

It also won’t be long before games are being played at the RecSports Complex on Sutherland Avenue. Intramural teams begin organizing next week with games set to begin in early September.

A few large and small projects are ongoing and impact campus foot and car travel.

The new Student Union is on schedule with the first phase set to finish in 2015. Phillip Fulmer Way from Cumberland Avenue to Middle Drive will continue to be one lane southbound until next fall.

Construction also continues on the Fred D. Brown Residence Hall. One lane of Andy Holt Avenue at Melrose Place is closed for now.

Ten houses in Sorority Village are now occupied and an eleventh house will be opened this fall.  Two houses are still being built. The new Sorority Village Center is also now open.

The Lake Loudoun streetscape project is set to wrap up in late 2013.

For more information on campus traffic and construction, visit Cone Zone.