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J. Paul Dittmann, executive director of UT’s Global Supply Chain Institute, has accepted a position on the board of directors for Kenco.

Kenco is a leading provider of distribution and fulfillment, transportation services, and intelligent information technology. Jane Kennedy Greene, Kenco chairwoman and CEO, said Dittmann will expand the diversity of background and experience on the board.

“Kenco is a great third-party logistics provider with a long and rich history of success,” Dittmann said. “I’m proud to be associated with them.”

Dittmann brings to the board a respected record in supply chain academics and research, Greene said.

“He also had a thirty-two-year career in the logistics industry,” Greene said. “He knows both the theory and the practice of what we do every day at Kenco, which is to deliver common-sense solutions that result in uncommon value for our customers.”

Dittmann is responsible for UT’s Supply Chain Forum, which has more than fifty sponsoring companies. He also teaches supply chain management courses in UT’s College of Business Administration and lectures in its executive education programs. He is a published author of several books and articles, including New Supply Chain Agenda and Supply Chain Transformation, and Harvard Business Review‘s “Are You the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain?”

Prior to joining academia, Dittmann held executive supply chain management positions with Whirlpool Corporation. In 2013, SCM Operations named him one of the top ten global supply chain thought leaders.


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