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Andy Holt Tower repairs

Andy Holt Tower repairsScaffolding is in place and work is underway to repair the exterior of Andy Holt Tower.

This spring, employees noticed that some of the bricks on the outside of the building looked loose.

A follow-up inspection found that the brick exterior of the eight-story tower was slowly breaking away from the building’s foundation.

A structural engineer confirmed the damage and recommended that the bricks be removed and replaced.

Dave Irvin, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Services, says the work will be done in phases. The first phase will remove all bricks on the east and west sides prior to the start of classes in the fall. Watertight sealant will cover the exposed portions of the building.

Parking spaces and sidewalks around the tower are now cordoned off to ensure safety. The fenced-in staging area and security perimeter will be mostly removed by the beginning of the fall semester, as the first phase of repair is completed.

The security fences will return when classes finish in December, so new bricks can be installed and securely fastened to the building. The work is expected to be complete by late spring 2014.

For more information, contact Facilities Services at 865-946-7777.