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From: Rob Chance, Director of Payroll
To: UT Employees
Subject: Reminder to Complete Partnership Promise Wellness Requirement by
July 15

Employees and covered spouses participating in the state’s Partnership PPO health insurance plan must complete one Partnership Promise wellness requirement by July 15, 2013, to remain in the plan for 2014.

Participants agreed to the terms of the Partnership Promise during annual enrollment and at other times during the year, and by doing so, receive the benefits of lower monthly premiums, a lower annual deductible, lower pharmacy co-pays and coinsurance, and a lower out-of-pocket maximum.

All employees and covered spouses must complete ONE of the following wellness activities by Monday, July 15, 2013:

A. receive one age-appropriate preventive service including an annual physical, well-woman visit, flu and pneumococcal shot, or screenings for colon, breast, and prostate cancers between July 15, 2012 and July 15, 2013 (see below for instructions on reporting the service to receive credit).

B. Participate in one ParTNers for Health wellness challenge.

C. Create a well-being plan on the ParTNers for Health website, select a focus area, and complete three of the suggested action items.

If you receive one of the age-appropriate preventive services outlined above in option A between July 15, 2012 and July 15, 2013, you must report it to receive credit. You can do so by phone or by logging it in your online well-being account. Directions are available on the ParTNers for Health website.

If you participated in one of the two quarterly wellness challenges offered thus far, please check your status online.

If you have not received an age-appropriate preventive service and do not plan to by July 15, 2013 and have not participated in one of the wellness challenges, you can still meet the terms of Partnership Promise by completing a well-being plan and three action items by July 15, 2013.

Instructions are available on the ParTNers for Health website.

If you have questions about your Partnership Promise status, please contact the Healthways Call Center at 888-741-3390. Additional questions can be directed to the UT System Payroll Office at 865-974-5251.

In addition to the above-outlined wellness activities, Partnership Promise members also must keep their address, phone number, and e-mail current with UT and maintain a tobacco-free lifestyle or participate in a cessation program. Members identified at risk by the Healthways coaching staff also must participate in health coaching.