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Today and tomorrow, Microsoft will upgrade all Microsoft Live ID accounts that are affiliated with UT e-mail addresses to Office 365 accounts. These accounts primarily provide staff and faculty access to IT Academy. There is not expected to be a service outage during the upgrade.

What does this mean for staff and faculty?

After the upgrade, staff and faculty will have two separate accounts with the same user name and password.

  • Office 365 account. This account gives staff, and faculty access to Microsoft resources such as IT Academy. For students, this account is also used for their UT e-mail. OIT will continue to provide administration for this account and this password will sync with your NetID password.
  • Personal Microsoft account. Staff and faculty that have used their UT e-mail address and password to access Microsoft services, such as Skydrive, will now have a separate, personal Microsoft account for accessing these services. OIT will no longer provide administration for this account and as a result, cannot reset the password for users. Initially, passwords for these accounts will be the same as your NetID password. OIT strongly recommends setting up your Microsoft personal account preferences at

Information and Support

For more information about the upgrade, see the Office 365 upgrade page.

If you have questions or need help, contact the OIT HelpDesk online or at 865-974-9900.