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Dave HartUT has extended Athletics Director Dave Hart’s six-year contract by one year, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek announced today.

Hart was named vice chancellor and director of athletics on September 5, 2011. The contract extension moves its end date to September 18, 2018. It also provides for one additional year with a $50,000 retention bonus.

Hart’s salary remains the same at $592,250. Since coming to UT, he has received one 3 percent raise, in July 2012. He also earns $150,000 a year for media appearances, per his original contract.

Cheek said he is pleased with Hart’s leadership and progress on goals for the Athletics Department.

“He has worked hard to develop a more efficient financial model and has put the right people in place, including coaches, to help reach UT’s aggressive goals,” Cheek said.

“I am pleased that Dave has made this commitment to the University of Tennessee. I look forward to continued progress in our Athletics Department in our quest for comprehensive excellence both on and off the field,” Cheek said.

The chancellor added that he is committed to working with Hart to provide the resources and support necessary to achieve those goals.

“I appreciate the confidence and commitment Chancellor Cheek has demonstrated by extending my contract,” Hart said. “Tennessee is a special place and I am committed to the goals we have set and the opportunities we have to make a difference.”

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