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SafetyTo: All UT Faculty, Staff, and Students
From: Brian Gard, Emergency Management Director
Subject: Communicating About Severe Weather

With spring’s warm temperatures, severe weather and even tornadoes are a possibility. Do you know what to do? Should a tornado warning be issued that includes campus areas, protect yourself by taking the following actions:

  • Stay indoors.
  • Shelter in a designated severe weather shelter or locate an interior space low in the building without windows.
  • Protect your head and neck.
  • Get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Close the doors and stay inside. An “all clear” UT Alert will be issued.
  • Continue to monitor for updates.
  • If you are outdoors and shelter is not available, lie down in a ditch or low spot.

Learn more about tornado safety on the campus’ safety website.

Some other serious weather events, such as severe thunderstorms that produce lightning, should always be monitored closely. Stay aware of developing weather by monitoring news and weather sites so that you can make good decisions about your safety.

Knowing what to do when you receive an emergency notification is critical to your safety. Visit to learn more about other scenarios.

If you do not already receive UT Alert text and e-mail messages, click here to sign up. For more information on staying safe on campus, visit