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Big Orange Big IdeasFirst-Year Studies organizers know that freshmen—many of them living away from home for the first time—face many challenges, not all academic.

That’s why, starting this fall, online learning activities about alcohol awareness and financial responsibility will be part of FYS 100, the credit/no-credit course all freshmen must take.

As in the past, FYS 100 also requires freshmen to read the Life of the Mind book, complete a response to the book, attend an author discussion, and complete several online tutorials, including instruction on how to use campus technology, a review of UT’s plagiarism policy and student success resources, and lessons about civility and coping with college issues.

Freshmen must complete all ten assignments to earn credit for FYS 100. Most of the tutorials take thirty minutes or less to complete.

Jessie Abernathy, assistant director of First-Year Studies, said alcohol awareness and financial literacy are critical issues for freshmen.

“Financial stress can be just as big a factor in student success as academics,” she said. The new online activity, “I.O.U.: The Essentials of Financial Responsibility,” covers financial aid responsibility, personal finances, and credit savvy.

Ashley Blamey, director of the Safety, Environment, and Education (SEE) Center, said the center developed the new “Alcohol and You” online tutorial to begin prevention education before students arrive on campus.