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Worksite health and wellness opportunities have been shown to increase employee health and well-being. For this reason, UT is launching an employee health and wellness initiative. The first step in this initiative is to learn about employees’ health behaviors, risks, and interest in terms of health and wellness activities on and off campus.

On Wednesday, February 27, faculty and staff will receive an email from the College of Social Work’s Center for Applied Research and Evaluation with a link to a survey. Staff without regular access to email will receive a paper copy. The results of this survey will be used in the development of various campus wellness initiatives and services that will benefit the entire campus community.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous. Participants will have the option to be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini.

The employee health and wellness initiative is being developed under the guidance of the VOLwell Committee.

Members of the committee include Susan Martin, provost and senior vice chancellor for academic affairs; Vickie Niederhauser, chair of the VOLwell Committee and dean of the College of Nursing; Peggy Pierce, assistant professor in the College of Nursing; Katie Morgan, clinical instructor for nursing; Karen Lasater, clinical assistant professor for nursing; Mike Stahl, professor of management; Eric Martin, lecturer of accounting and information management; David Bassett, professor of kinesiology, recreation, and sports studies; Eugene Fitzhugh, associate professor of kinesiology, recreation, and sports studies; Dixie Thompson, associate dean and professor of kinesiology, recreation, and sports studies; Laura Miller, assistant professor of communication studies; and Rosa Thomas, coordinator at the Safety, Environment, and Education Center.