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Crews are continuing to work on the power outage at the North Carrick and South Carrick residence halls and are preparing to restore power to the building by 10:00 p.m. this evening.

Students are being updated via e-mail on the project and will have the choice of staying in alternative accommodations for the night, or of returning to their rooms once power has been restored. The university will notify all students once power has been restored this evening.

The building remains open during the day. Staff members will be on hand to escort students to their rooms to collect any necessary belongings after dark.

The problems with electricity began early yesterday. The building remains heated and all emergency lobby and security lighting and other systems are still operating. Lighting and outlet power, however, are not working in the 218 male and forty-four female student rooms, which impacts approximately 436 young men and 88 young women living in the residence halls.


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