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Full power is expected to be restored in the North Carrick and South Carrick residence halls around midnight this evening. Crews have been working through the evening and repairs are going well.

North Carrick and the affected rooms of South Carrick were closed this evening after dark, with staff members on hand to escort students to their rooms to collect any necessary belongings. Students are being updated on the project via e-mail and University Housing is offering alternative accommodations for the night.

The problem was caused by a failed bus duct, which is used to distribute the circuitry to power the large building. The duct combusted and caused a bit of smoke which immediately activated a fire alarm system. Repairs have been complicated because the bus duct is a custom part that will need to be remade. UT electricians have devised a temporary solution to serve until a permanent replacement part is received.

The problems with electricity began early Wednesday. The building remained heated and all emergency lobby and security lighting and other systems remained.

The university closed the building Wednesday evening and again this evening for safety concerns because there was no way to light the students’ rooms. The challenges affected approximately 436 young men and eighty-eight young women who live in the residence halls.



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