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Make Orange GreenThe spring semester is under way, and with it, a new semester of recycling at UT. The program provides services to all classroom buildings and residence halls on campus, and collects paper, aluminum cans, and plastic, as well as compostable and other materials.

UT Recycling provides free recycling bins to areas all over campus. Every resident in a residence hall room should have their own recycling bin. Every classroom should have a blue recycling bin for paper and a green recycling bin for bottles, cans, and plastic. If you notice any places where these bins are missing, e-mail UT Recycling at

It’s important for the campus community to know what is okay—and not okay—to recycle.

  • Printer paper of any color or printing
  • Junk mail, even with the plastic window
  • Newspaper
  • Hardback books
  • Phone books
  • Magazines
  • Cereal and shoe boxes
  • Index cards
  • File Folders
  • Hanging Folders, even with the metal bars on top
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin Cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard

Cans, glass bottles, and plastics are collected together everywhere on campus, regardless of what the label on the bin may indicate (such as “aluminum cans only”). Most plastic items are labeled with a number inside the recycle symbol. UT Recycling can accept any clean plastic labeled #1-7. This includes plastic bottles, cups, and plastic bags, but not Styrofoam. When recycling plastic bags, it is preferred to recycle multiple bags stuffed in together as individual bags cause problems.

Toner/ink cartridges, electronics, and batteries may also be recycled. UT Recycling has filing cabinets to collect these items located in the University Center and Hodges Library.

It’s not okay to recycle:

  • Laboratory glass
  • Food wrappers
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups
  • Napkins
  • Waxy cardboard
  • Take-out containers and ice cream containers
  • Dirty plastic wrap
  • Dirty food containers
  • Packing peanuts
  • Styrofoam
  • Aluminum pans or plates
  • Aluminum foil

Corrugated cardboard is picked up Monday through Friday evenings from building loading docks and dumpster areas. For a complete list of the locations visit the website. Corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed in hallways or at the outdoor pickup location at the end of the day.

UT Recycling provides free temporary 95-gallon bins for paper to offices for clean outs. Offices can request recycling services by visiting the Facilities Services website and filling out a request form or by e-mailing

UT Recycling works hard to keep campus waste out of the landfill, to save the university money, and to help protect the environment. Please help UT Recycling by pitching in and recycling all your paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles, and plastics.