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Carole Myers, associate professor of nursing, wrote an op-ed in the Tennessean entitled “Let skilled nurses ease health burdens.” In the piece, Myers addressed removing barriers to primary health care services by allowing advanced practice nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training. One of these barriers is the requirement of restrictive physician supervision of advanced practice nurses. The overall health status of Tennesseans ranks 39th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia,” she wrote. “Despite these revealing numbers, our state is one of the most restrictive when it comes to APRNs…In the United States, health care is undergoing a much-needed transformation to serve more patients, better. Tennessee must be part of this transformation. APRNs are poised to meet the challenge of providing high-quality primary care to all Tennesseans. APRNs are part of the solution to being ready in 2014 when more demands are placed on our already overburdened primary care system.”