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construction cones

Traffic ConesWith the start of spring semester just days away, several campus area roads have reopened to traffic.

All lanes are open in front of Aconda Court at the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Cumberland Avenue. The building was demolished as part of the new Student Union Project.

A section of Andy Holt Avenue between Pat Head Summitt Street and Francis Street has reopened, and Circle Drive on the Hill is now open to two-way traffic.

However, other campus roads and sidewalks remain partially or completely closed:

  • On Lake Loudoun Boulevard, lanes have been shifted and sidewalks have been closed as part of the campus streetscape beautification project.
  • Lane shifts and sidewalk work also continue on Volunteer Boulevard in front of the music building project.
  • One lane of Phillip Fulmer Way from Cumberland Avenue to Middle Drive remains closed for the duration of the Student Union project.
  • Chamique Holdsclaw Drive remains closed while construction continues on the Lawson Athletic Center Addition.

For more information on these closures, contact the Parking and Transit Services Office at 974-6031.

For more information on campus construction projects, visit the Cone Zone.


Charles Primm (865-974-5180,