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Switch Your Thinking

Switch Your ThinkingTo: UT students, faculty, and staff
From: Chris Cimino, vice chancellor for finance and administration
Subject: Winter Months Bring Higher Energy Costs, Chances to Save

Over the past four years, the campus community has worked together to avoid more than $5 million in energy costs through changing their daily habits as part of our Switch your Thinking effort.

The winter months offer a significant opportunity for Volunteers to conserve energy and have a positive impact on the campus’s environment—and its wallet.

From December through March, the university will pay significantly more for electricity used during weekday mornings. Energy rates are higher between the hours of 5:00 and 11:00 a.m. Mondays through Fridays during winter months. Students, faculty, and staff are being asked to follow a few simple steps to save resources and help lower the campus’s energy costs.

Click here to find out ways that you can help us save.

Additionally, campus buildings are heated to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Faculty or staff concerned their office spaces are not heated sufficiently may contact Facility Services for assistance. Facilities Services staff can conduct a review of office spaces to determine if there is a problem. Space heaters and most other personal appliances are not permitted in offices unless Facilities Services staff have conducted a review and given permission. Please take a moment to review the campus Energy Conservation Policy (pdf).

You can help save energy on campus by reporting concerns or temperature issues to Facilities Services at 946-7777.

Find more tips on reducing energy use at