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“Taps,” the somber bugle call associated with military service, will be heard ringing across UT on the chimes of Ayres Hall on Monday, November 12, in celebration of Veterans Day.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of “Taps,” and with it a new tradition will be born. UT’s Task Force in Support of Student Veterans asked campus administration to allow Ayres Hall’s chimes to play “Taps” while a moment of silence is observed at noon on Veterans Day.

“We hope the recognition will be a message of support to our veteran and reservist students, faculty, and staff,” said Ashley Blamey, chair of the Task Force in Support of Student Veterans. “We are a single community supporting one another. We are all Volunteers.”

“Taps,” taken from the earlier bugle call “Scott Tattoo”, was arranged by American Civil War General Daniel Butterfield in 1862. It was officially recognized by the United States Army in 1874 and became a component of US military funerals in 1891.

The Task Force in Support of Student Veterans was established last year by Vice Chancellor for Student Life Tim Rogers. The task force brings faculty, staff, and students throughout campus together to coordinate resources and establish interdepartmental support networks for student veterans.

For more information about the task force, visit the SEE Center website.

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