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Robert HellerRobert Heller, professor of journalism and electronic media, had a big idea: getting his students to think about the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential election.

“I had my JEM 380 Media Graphics students create posters to encourage the UT community to vote,” said Heller.

But to make the assignment more difficult, the students were given a few rules.

“They were limited to only using type, black plus one color, no more than three words, and the sign’s message had to be nonpartisan.”

Although the students had limitations, the designs turned out well. Heller shared the twelve best designs with Nissa Dahlin-Brown, associate director of the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy.

“The designs are so unique, and they really deliver the message of the importance of voting,” said Dahlin-Brown. We hope to reuse them year after year.”

The signs will remain up through Election Day, November 6, and can be seen at the Hill, on Pedestrian Walkway, the Agriculture Campus, Circle Park, and the Baker Center.