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Pictured, left to right: Deputy Chief Severs, Deputy Chief Lambert, and Chief Lane
Pictured, left to right: Deputy Chief Jeff Severs, Deputy Chief Keith Lambert, and Chief Troy Lane

Two longtime UT Police Department leaders have been promoted to the rank of deputy chief. UT Police Chief Troy Lane promoted Keith Lambert and Jeff Severs from the rank of captain to deputy chief in a recent ceremony held at the police department.

Chief Lambert has served with the UT Police for twenty-five years and is deputy chief of support services. Chief Severs has served with UT Police for twenty years and is deputy chief of patrol operations.

Chief Lane said after evaluating the department, he determined that deputy chiefs should manage the department’s three functional divisions—operations, patrol, and administration. This is the case at most police departments of similar size.

“Captain Keith Lambert and Captain Jeff Severs were already filling these roles and doing an excellent job. Both have excellent reputations inside and outside of the department,” he noted.

The department is now searching for a deputy chief of administration, which was formerly titled assistant chief of police. Debbie Perry served in that role until July 31. She retired after thirty-two years of service to UT.