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What’s changing for 2013?

The annual enrollment period for the state of Tennessee’s health, dental, vision, basic and term life, long-term care, long-term disability, and optional special accident programs begins today. All changes must be made online by November 1.

During open enrollment, employees have the opportunity to change, enroll in, or cancel coverage options for calendar year 2013. Current employees who are enrolling for the first time may be subject to a monthly late applicant fee in some cases. Employees who do not wish to make changes do not need to take any action.

The state now offers an online self-service program, and instructions are available here. Paper forms will no longer be accepted. Login and password information was mailed to home addresses by the state’s benefit office. Questions can be directed to (800) 253-9981, option three.

The Partnership PPO and Standard PPO remain the two health insurance plans. The Partnership plan offers lower monthly premiums, a lower annual deductible, lower pharmacy co-pays and coinsurance, and a lower out-of-pocket maximum. To qualify for the Partnership plan, members must agree to the terms of the Partnership Promise each year.

Employees participating in the Partnership plan during calendar year 2012 who failed to satisfy the Promise requirements will be moved to the Standard plan with the same provider for calendar year 2013, unless a new provider is specified.

Some changes were made to the Promise requirements and will determine eligibility for calendar year 2014. The following coverage enhancements and changes also were approved by the state for calendar year 2013.

  • New optional vision plan
  • No-cost contraceptives for women
  • Two percent increase in health premiums
  • Three percent increase in dental premiums
  • Increase in deductibles, out-of-pocket co-insurance maximums, and network differential
  • Increase in specialist office visit co-pays by $5
  • Increase in emergency room co-pays by $45 (waived if admitted)
  • Increase in pharmacy co-pays by $5 for preferred and non-preferred brand medications (except drugs in maintenance tier)
  • New pharmacy dispense as-written policy and preferred specialty drug plan
  • Closing enrollment in optional universal life insurance

Detailed information about the above programs, processes, and changes has been sent to home and office addresses and is available here.

Employees with questions should contact UT Payroll at (865) 974-5251.