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SafetyThe university will be testing its UT Alert text messaging on Friday. There is still time to sign up to participate in the test. Sign up here.

UT Alert allows students, faculty, and staff to be notified via text message to their mobile phone in the event of an emergency or campus closure. You can choose to receive a text message and an e-mail message.

As part of Emergency Preparedness Month, the university encourages members of the campus community to learn more about potential emergencies and to take advantage of all safety resources.

The UT Alert text and e-mail system only is used for contacting subscribers with emergency information. It will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content.

Subscribers do not pay a fee to participate in UT Alert, other than the regular fees associated with their phone carrier’s text messaging plans.

Please note that the university sends broadcast e-mails titled Safety Notice to all members of the campus community about crime and other safety information. These are sent separate from the UT Alert messages, which require your “opt-in” online registration.

For more information, visit the UT Alert page. Take some time to learn more about specific emergencies by visiting