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The campus wrapped up its twelve-week Spring Cleanup campaign this summer, and the totals are now in.

An effort to declutter academic buildings by getting rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables, the Spring Cleanup brought Facilities Services crews to twenty-eight buildings between April and July.

The campus generated:

  • recycling of seventeen tons of concrete, twelve tons of scrap metal, and two tons of cardboard;
  • removal of 656 tons of surplus equipment and furniture;
  • removal of fifteen cubic yards of construction and demolition waste; and
  • removal of fifteen tons of general waste.

The largest building contributors were Hodges Library, the Science and Engineering Research Facility, Ferris Hall, and the Art and Architecture Building.

Staff from Facilities Services dedicated nearly 1,700 man-hours to the cleanup, going building-by-building collecting surplus equipment and recyclables. Staff from UT Warehousing also spent many hours processing the surplus equipment.

While the Spring Cleanup targeted most academic buildings on campus, new and recently renovated buildings were not included. Departments in any building may arrange a pick up of surplus property by contacting UT Warehousing at 974-7773.