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Service improvements on the Neyland Express T route take effect Friday, August 31, and will result in shorter travel times and less waiting between buses.

The major changes involve the end of the route detour, the addition of another bus, and service to the agriculture campus going to and from the main campus. Beginning Friday, buses will re-enter the agriculture campus after serving Sorority Village, offering Ag students a more direct route to the main campus and the Gate 21 drop-off area.

To avoid confusion, there will be different bus stops/shelters on the agriculture campus depending on whether passengers are going to Sorority Village or to the main campus. Ag campus passengers going to Sorority Village should catch the bus at the bus shelter at Joe Johnson Drive near River Drive. Ag campus students going to the main campus should catch the bus at the shelter on the corner of Service Drive and Joe Johnson Drive. Special signs will be placed at each bus stop/shelter to help inform passengers.

For more information, contact UT Parking & Transit Services at 974-6031 or visit their website.