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Many changes and ongoing projects will greet new and returning students and their families arriving on campus this weekend for move-in day.

Some roads have been narrowed or closed since the spring, while others have been widened and reopened. Work continues on the new Student Union, a new residence hall, the new Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, the John Tickle Engineering Building, and development of Sorority Village at Morgan Hill.

Several roads that were closed for a large part of the summer will reopen by Saturday, including:

  • One lane of Phillip Fulmer Way between Cumberland Avenue and Middle Way Drive
  • Middle Way Drive at the intersection with Phillip Fulmer Way, which will bring Hill traffic back to its regular flow. Summer traffic on the Hill had been reversed to accommodate the closure of Middle Way Drive
  • Peyton Manning Pass

Also opening by the start of classes on Wednesday, August 22: the Rock, UT’s beloved outcropping of personal expression. The Rock has been fenced off for a month due to construction of the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center.

Several roads will remain closed, including:

  • One lane of Andy Holt Avenue just west of the pedestrian walkway is closed as part of the Melrose Avenue residence hall construction, but the sidewalk is open.
  • The section of Andy Holt Avenue next to the University Center and the Haslam Business Building is permanently closed. It will become a pedestrian plaza as part of the new Student Union complex.
  • Chamique Holdsclaw Drive will be closed from Pat Head Summitt Street to Lake Loudoun Boulevard until December 2012 for the addition to the Lawson Athletic Center Football Training Facility.

The east sidewalk on Pat Head Summitt Street north of Volunteer Boulevard will remain closed for ongoing work on the music building.

UT expects slower pedestrian traffic once classes begin due to construction through the center of campus. The following routes have been recommended to avoid the Student Union site:

  • To reach the north side of the Hill or north of Cumberland Avenue, the best route is to walk north along Melrose Place, then east between Hodges Library and the Tyson House, cross Volunteer Boulevard north of the Haslam Business Building, then north to Cumberland Avenue, then east toward the University Center.
  • To reach the south side of the Hill or Neyland Stadium, the best route is via the newly paved pedestrian path on the north side of Staff 9 lot near Neyland Stadium.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors should look for signs indicating these pathways, which will be posted throughout campus. People should avoid seeking shortcuts to steer clear of all construction sites.

Several parking lots have been added to UT’s inventory and other lots have been changed to accommodate student, faculty, and staff needs.

The UT Bookstore will be open this weekend for students needing textbooks and supplies. Shuttle buses will run from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, between the Volunteer Hall parking garage, Presidential Courtyard at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Francis Street, and the University Center.

Detailed driving directions and temporary parking information can be found on the Welcome Week webpage. Locate your residence hall and other important buildings on the campus map.

For more information on construction and improvement projects across campus, visit the Cone Zone website.

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