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For Your BenefitApplying for and filling jobs are easier and more efficient than ever with UT Jobs—an online database integrating all staff openings across the university.

The new system, launched in January, streamlines and automates many job search, application, and hiring processes. It also allows UT to better recruit and retain talented employees.

“Implementing the new system has been such a rewarding experience because I’ve been able to see, firsthand, the benefits it’s providing to both candidates and hiring managers,” said recruiter Ashlie Czyz. “We’re seeing an increased volume of talented candidates and our departments are finding it quicker and easier to fill positions with well-qualified individuals.”

Since UT Jobs launched, more than 7,000 applicants have created accounts and more than 450 jobs have been posted.

UT Jobs is accessible from the Human Resources website.

The new system offers many benefits to both job seekers and staff tasked with filling positions.

“Not only was it easy to search for jobs and add the ones I was interested in to my job cart, but it also was encouraging to be able to check the status of submitted applications and paperwork throughout the hiring process,” said Cari O’Neal, a recently hired administrative assistant at UT Chattanooga.

Carol Houser, an HR coordinator with the UT Foundation, attended training in January and has posted more than ten positions in the system thus far.

“Applicants can easily apply for multiple opportunities and their information can be shared more efficiently with the hiring managers or supervisors,” she said.

A video tutorial for hiring managers will be available soon, and applicants have access to quick references and tips within the system. Campus and institute HR representatives also are available to answer questions and help arrange additional training.

Benefits for Applicants:

  • Customized search functions
  • Applicant-managed job profiles
  • Automatic notifications of new openings matching job profiles
  • Electronic uploading and submission of resumes
  • Automatic removal of positions once filled

Benefits for Staff Tasked with Filling Positions:

  • Posting jobs, searching applicant materials and requesting and receiving necessary approvals
  • Reviewing important hiring trends
  • Analyzing why applicants decline job offers