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Due to the closure of a section of Andy Holt Avenue near the University Center, the following changes will be made to The T Transit System, effective Sunday, March 25, 2012:

The T: East-West

The East-West buses heading east will take Volunteer Boulevard to Cumberland Avenue to the Hill. From the Hill, East-West buses heading west will take Cumberland Avenue to Volunteer Boulevard. There will be no service along Phillip Fulmer Way or Middle Way Drive.

The T: Late Nite

The Late Nite bus also will use Cumberland Avenue and Volunteer Boulevard rather than Phillip Fulmer Way when coming into campus from Fort Sanders. There will be no Late Nite stop along Philip Fulmer Way.

New maps are available for viewing at all KAT bus shelters, at UT Parking Services in the basement of the University Center, and at RideTheT.com.