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Faculty and students returning to classrooms in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) building will find some classrooms and almost all hallways stripped of floor tiles and carpets—all in preparation for a major renovation that will be completed this summer.

This work follows renovations done during the last two summers in which the HVAC system and room lighting were upgraded.

Though somewhat unattractive temporarily, the classrooms are secure and safe for classes. Today and tomorrow, workers will be doing some last-minute work in the building. The work should be completed by Wednesday, when classes begin.

The HSS classroom renovation will create spaces designed to better serve the needs of the majority of the classes that use the building. The classrooms will continue to support lecture-based instruction, but will be easily adapted for student discussion and group work. Additional renovation work will provide a food facility, possible seating in hallways, and informal student work areas. Additionally, the university is working to improve the aesthetics of HSS so that it is a better place to work and learn.

Look for additional information in the coming months about the renovation plans and training on how to use the renovated classrooms. Renderings of the new classrooms are expected to be available later this month.