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KNOXVILLE — In health care, giving patients the best care possible is the primary goal. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Nursing has continuously taken strides in educating nurses to provide the most comprehensive health care for everyone. Now, the college has taken a giant leap toward this by being selected as one of five schools in the nation to participate in The Beryl Institute’s Educational Outreach Program.

Launched this fall, The Beryl Institute’s Educational Outreach Program is focused on engaging students and faculty in the patient experience.

“It is of utmost importance for our students to be leaders in bettering the patient experience,” Dean Victoria Niederhauser said. “This is a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to have a seat at the table. The Beryl Institute’s content and programming is designed to support the development of the next generation of patient experience leaders.”

The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice and premiere thought leader on improving the patient experience. The institute defines the patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influences patient perceptions across the continuum of care. Through the outreach program, it will provide students and faculty with white papers, webinars, special events, and the opportunity to apply for research grants.

“By including our students and faculty in the patient experience conversation, they will emerge much more knowledgeable and well-versed on the issue,” said Niederhauser. “This membership gives them the tools and resources to create an environment that supports patients and their families during vulnerable periods in their lives.”

Faculty members also will be given course outlines and materials to integrate patient experience into their coursework.

“Having curriculum-ready materials for faculty will make seamless articulation of these concepts into our curriculum. Graduate nurses exposed to these resources will be better equipped to support positive patient experiences in our communities, state and the nation,” said Niederhauser.

For example, research funded by The Beryl Institute demonstrated that with education, nurses in a critical care unit significantly reduced the noise levels that promoted a better environment for patients’ rest.

The Educational Outreach Program will support the institute’s vision for creating a global community of practice by engaging students from a diverse range of academic programs that impact the patient experience in health care.

UT’s College of Nursing is a nationally recognized leader in the education of highly skilled, visionary nurses. The college enrolls more than 600 students in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. The master’s program offers concentration areas in global disaster, family practice, administration, pediatrics, mental health, and nurse anesthesia.

These programs attract extremely qualified students and prepare them for positions in all areas of the healthcare sector. The college’s graduates consistently achieve pass rates on licensure and certification exams of 96 percent or higher, exceeding state and national averages. The college runs a school-based, nurse-managed clinic in Knoxville, engages in international outreach with faculty and students, and generates practice nursing research that improves health, health care and quality of life.

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