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Faculty and staff can now arrange a special Safe Zone training for their department or unit.

Safe Zone is a voluntary network of faculty, staff, and students who believe that every member of the community should have an equal opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment. Safe Zone training explores LGBT issues in an honest and open way and provides an opportunity for participants to become LGBT allies.

A session has been set for undergraduate students on November 6. More sessions for faculty, staff, and graduate students will be held during the spring semester. The training is part of the Chancellor’s Civility and Community initiative.

For a full schedule visit

UT’s Safe Zone project is administered through the Dean of Students Office. UT’s Employee and Organizational Development provides the training through small group activities, information-sharing, and large group discussions that explore commonly held myths and beliefs of the LGBT community.

To find out more or schedule a session for your department, call 974-6657 or e-mail