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Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek has signed the Power Down Pledge, have you? By inking his thumbprint on the pledge poster, the chancellor pledged to reduce his on-campus energy use.

Cheek Powers DownThe Power Down Pledge is an initiative of Make Orange Green and the Chancellor’s Energy Challenge, an aggressive energy-reduction program aimed at reducing UT’s energy consumption by 10 percent.

To date, more than 300 UT students, staff, and faculty have taken the pledge to reduce their energy use and inked the pledge poster.

UT Knoxville’s Make Orange Green program has been recognized by the Princeton Review and by the Sustainable Endowments Institute as one of the nation’s top campus sustainability programs. Other campus initiatives, such as the sustainable building policy, the Student Environmental Initiatives Fee, and the Chancellor’s Energy Challenge have earned the university a reputation as a national leader in campus sustainability.

The Pledge Tree is currently on display at the Carolyn. P. Brown University Center.

For more information on Make Orange Green, visit http://environment.utk.edu. To sign the Power Down Pledge, click here.

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