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For Your BenefitBy now you should have received all the information you need to make decisions for you and your family about UT’s health, dental, and flexible benefit plans.

The annual enrollment transfer period for UT’s health insurance program is October 1 through November 1. During this time, employees currently enrolled in a plan have the opportunity to make changes to coverage options for the 2012 calendar year. Employees who did not elect health or dental coverage during initial enrollment periods also may enroll during this time.

The Partnership PPO and Standard PPO will continue to be the health insurance options offered to UT employees through the State of Tennessee.

Information about enrollment and options and benefit enhancements has been mailed to home and office addresses. If you have not received an information packet, visit:

About Flexible Benefits

Enrollment in the UT Flexible Benefits Plan is now open until November 30. Employees interested in joining the plan can enroll during this time period. The Flexible Benefits enrollment is a separate process from health insurance enrollment. Employees who already participate in the flexible benefits plan and want to continue enrollment must re-enroll each year. Forms are available at:

About Partnership Health and Dental Insurance

UT employees who did not elect coverage upon their employment may do so during this open enrollment. Certain monthly fees will apply, however, for late application and must be paid through December 2013, unless a qualifying event has occurred to necessitate coverage.

Employees currently enrolled in one of the health insurance plans and who wish to keep the same coverage options do not need to take any action. However, employees participating in the Partnership PPO insurance plan during calendar year 2011 who failed to satisfy the Promise requirements will automatically be moved to the Standard PPO plan with the same provider for calendar year 2012, unless a new provider is specified.

Some enhancements to coverage options were recently approved by the state and will be effective for calendar year 2012, including:

  • Lowering co-pays at convenience clinic and urgent care facilities,
  • Limiting out-of-pocket co-pays for in-network primary care and specialist office visits, and
  • Inclusion of a new pharmacy maintenance drug tier for ninety-day supplies of certain generic and preferred brand medications purchased at ninety-day network pharmacies or by mail order.

If you have questions, contact the UT System Office of Payroll at (865) 974-5251.