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Ready for the World, the campus’s international and intercultural initiative, is now collecting information about UT events for its fall semester 2011-2012 Passport.

The Ready for the World Passport is a calendar of the semester’s events and activities, with particular attention given to those that emphasize international and intercultural awareness and civility. The Passport provides free advertisement for programs, so faculty, staff, and students are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to broadcast information to the campus community and beyond. Passports are distributed free to the campus community and are often used as a recruitment tool. The Passport also serves as a valuable record of the extensive programming that supports Ready for the World goals.

Faculty, staff, and students are urged to use an electronic form to quickly and easily provide information about upcoming events. The form can be found here.

These events might include, but are not limited to, films, lectures, exhibits, campus-wide activities, etc. Include the date, time, place, and a sentence or two about the event. Artwork should be submitted in .jpg format.

The 2011-2012 Ready for the World Passport will be compiled and printed this summer in order to be ready for fall distribution. Your information is needed by Friday, June 3.

Any questions about the Passport should be addressed to Amy Blakely at