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Human Resources staff began training this week to inform supervisors about the Compensation Advisory Board (CAB).

Supervisors in every college, department, and office will be asked to attend. An e-mail with the schedule will be sent to all supervisors. Training will focus on CAB’s purpose and upcoming initiatives, including implementation of the minimum starting pay rate increase for regular full- and part-time employees to $8.50 an hour, effective July 1.

Each supervisor will be required to meet with his/her employees after completing the training to discuss CAB’s efforts at addressing compensation across the university and how these efforts will impact employees.

The increase in the minimum starting pay rate was the first recommendation by CAB, an ongoing group that will continue to examine compensation issues. Additional work is being done to address compensation policies, job evaluations, competitive salaries and benefits, employee development and recruitment and retention.

For more information about CAB, visit