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Spring brings warmer weather, lots of blooming plants…and the possibility of severe weather.

Since tornadoes or high winds can form with little or no warning, the campus community should stay vigilant and know what to do in the event of severe weather.

If a tornado is spotted or if weather sources warn that a tornado is near:

• Do not leave the building; it’s best to seek shelter indoors.

• Warn others of the need to seek shelter.

• Go to an interior space that doesn’t have windows; ideally, the space should have two exits.

• Close the doors and stay inside until the tornado has passed.

• After the tornado has passed, exit damaged buildings and proceed to another safe location. Report your condition and location as soon as possible.

Additional information from the American Red Cross is available here (pdf).

The best source of updated weather information is through the National Weather Service or local media outlets. The university will provide weather information and safety instructions on its homepage,