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The University of Tennessee system has adopted a recommendation to increase the minimum starting pay rate for regular full- and part-time staff. The new rate of $8.50 per hour will become effective July 1.

The increase in the minimum starting pay rate was a recommendation from the university’s Compensation Advisory Board and is a first step in a long-term process to address compensation at the university. The Compensation Advisory Board, guided by Chief Human Resources Officer Linda Hendricks, is creating UT’s first strategic compensation plan and will be making more recommendations in the future.

Currently, 264 employees across the UT system are eligible for the increase in pay; 158 of those employees work for the UT Knoxville campus. Due to attrition between now and July 1, the number of employees receiving the raise may change slightly. Economic circumstances have had the greatest impact on support service staff in pay grades 30, 31, and 32, and made these pay grades the starting point for the rate change. Funding for the increases will come from reallocations of existing budgets.

For more information, employees should call the Knoxville HR office at 946-8847. Employees also may call the HR answer line at 1-888-444-UTHR.

Visit the HR website at For more information about the Compensation Advisory Board, visit