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To protect the health and safety of employees, students and visitors, and to maintain a professional and clean environment in which to study, work, conduct research and visit, pets are not allowed in any buildings owned or leased by the Knoxville campus with a few exceptions.

UT Knoxville recognizes the important role pets play in the lives of many faculty, staff and students. The university also recognizes that some members of our community may have concerns regarding health — especially allergies — as well as safety as it relates to pets in the workplace.

The campus has a new policy relating to animals in the workplace. Please review the policy and help ensure all faculty and staff are made aware of the policy. You can review it at the Office of Budget and Finance website.

Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, are permissible for use by faculty, staff and students. Faculty or staff who require a service animal should consult with the Office of Equity and Diversity. Service animals, including Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT) animals, are permitted only when they are working in appropriate locations or as a part of the evaluations process.

Approved research and instructional animals, animals professionally trained for theatrical purposes, those trained for law enforcement or search and rescue activities, animals in official university-approved parades on campus and official university mascots — including opposing teams — are allowed.

The policy only applies to the Knoxville campus. It is not a university-wide fiscal or human resource policy. For more info e-mail danielsj@utk.edu.