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KNOXVILLE — A University of Tennessee, Knoxville, student was recently reunited with his missing iPod, thanks to the UT Police Department’s (UTPD) Operation Identification Program.

First-year doctoral student Avik Mukherjee lost his iPod this past month. The 30GB iPod was turned into UTPD’s lost and found, where officers noticed it was engraved and registered with the Operation Identification Program.

The Operation Identification Program is a part of UTPD’s Community Relations Unit (CRU). The CRU’s mission is to provide community-based police service to the UT Knoxville community. Operation Identification has been in place for more than 15 years.

“UT faculty, staff and students can have their valuables engraved,” said Special Operations Lt. Emily Simerly. “Typically we will engrave iPods and computers, as well as bicycles.”

She recommends people have their driver’s license numbers engraved onto their valuables, although any information, such as names and code words specific to a person, can be engraved.

“If an individual doesn’t want to have their item engraved, we can place a tamper-proof sticker on it with a registration number, and we keep a detailed record of the serial numbers,” Simerly said.

CRU holds several well-publicized engraving events throughout the semester, including during Welcome Week and on Campus Safety Day. Also at 10:30 a.m. every Thursday there is an Operation Identification table set up in the Commons at Hodges Library to engrave items and provide information.

“Individuals also can call UTPD and scheduled an appointment with a CRU member to have their item engraved,” Simerly said. To contact UTPD about Operation Identification, call (865) 974-3111.

Mukherjee said he realizes the value of Operation Identification — especially since this was not the first time he’s lost an electronic device.

“At my previously institution I lost my laptop and it was not recovered,” he said.

“UTPD’s engraving service is really good. I am happy and thankful to have my iPod back.”

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Jamil Price (865-974-9673, jprice32@tennessee.edu)