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Students from Austin East Magnet High School who are in the Black Law Students Association’s Street Law Program will make their first visit to the UT Knoxville College of Law today to observe classes and participate in a panel discussion as part of the BLSA week of service.

Classes begin at 10:30 a.m. and the panel discussion begins at noon on Thursday, Feb. 25.

All classes will take place in the College of Law at the following locations:

  • Room 135, Contracts II;
  • Room 241, Contracts II;
  • Room 132, Constitutional Law;
  • Room 136, Torts II;
  • Panel discussion: Room 135.

The Street Law Program gives high school students the opportunity to learn and understand the history of the law, and to apply both critical thinking and communication skills to solve problems. Students are encouraged to have an open dialogue on how to develop a justice-centered society, and at the conclusion of each semester, students participate in a mock trial to simulate what it is like to be a lawyer.

As instructors, BLSA members research and prepare weekly lessons to present to students. Lesson topics include First Amendment freedoms, Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights, as well as Tennessee’s gang and drug laws.

During this event, the high school students will attend one of four classes and then participate in a panel discussion featuring two law professors and two alumni. Afterward, the students will be given a campus tour.

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